ACCS is a closed referral program, with the Department of Mental Health (DMH) being the only referring source.

Formerly known as Community Based Flexible Supports (CBFS), the Department of Mental Health (DMH) restructured this service to better meet the needs of adults with long-term serious mental illness who live in the community. Effective July 1, 2018, Adult Community Clinical Services (ACCS) services is the reconfigured service model that will provide integrated treatments and supports in partnership with clients and their families to promote and facilitate recovery. Services include, but are not limited to, interventions and supports that manage psychiatric symptoms in the community, restore or maintain independent living in the community, restore or maintain daily living skills, promote wellness and the management of medical conditions, and assist clients to restore or maintain and utilize the skills necessary to undertake employment and education.

Currently CCBC holds the contract for ACCS services in Taunton/Attleboro and Fall River.

About the ACCS Program

One of the biggest gifts in recovery for me is having my family back in my life.

- Jeffrey, a CCBC client

Services provided:
  • Engagement
  • Assessment at Treatment Planning
  • Crisis Planning and Prevention
  • Skills Building
  • Behavioral/Physical Health Monitoring and Support
  • Medication Administration/Education
  • Addiction Treatment Support
  • Housing and Support
  • Peer Support and Recovery Coaching
  • Integration with Care Coordination Entities
  • Family Engagement and Support
  • Employment/Education Support
  • Other Natural and Supplementary Supports

ACCS services are rooted in evidence-based practices and follow Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) standards. Evidence-Based Practices include: Motivational Interviewing; Harm Reduction; Screening, Intervention, Referral and Treatment; Housing First; and Stages of Change.

Led by integrated teams, the goal of CCBC’s ACCS program is to assist individuals with a serious mental illness in achieving recovery, health, and self-sufficiency goals. CCBC recognizes that the goal of rehabilitation and treatment is to assist each individual on their own personal path of recovery toward their full participation in community life by supporting the goals in their living, learning, and working environments. Central to the values of ACCS is a belief that each individual has the potential to recover from the devastation that all too frequently accompanies serious mental illness.

Service Components of ACCS Include:
  • A recovery oriented focus that embraces evidence based rehabilitation and treatment practices that respond to the expressed needs of clients and families.
  • A housing first approach that recognizes the importance of safe affordable housing as necessary for clients to gain the stability to embark on a journey of recovery.
  • Integration of CBFS with CCBC's continuum of care and with other key partners providing medical care, housing and natural supports to resond to the treatment, rehabilitation and support needs of each client.
  • A flexible team oriented approach that assigns each client to a Recovery Partnership Team consisting of a master's level mental health professional, certified peer specialists, recovery partnership counselors and other specialty services.

If you are having an emergency, or have any thoughts of harming yourself, please call 911 or go directly to the nearest emergency room.

More information about ACCS:

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Vice President, Community Rehabilitation & Treatment

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